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    Machine commission

    Machine commissioning is a service for customers who need to quickly make room in the hall for new machines, for example. The old machine is transported to our hall and our specialists carry out the sale process. This form gives great comfort to both seller and buyer, as the machine is provided with a professional presentation by our specialists.

    What to do to put the machine up for sale?

    First, please send an email to the company email address biuro@blachmix.pl, which should include:

    • Pictures of the machine(s)  
    • Owner's telephone number

    Within 24 hours of receiving your message, an employee of our company will contact you to provide information on the possibility of placing the item on consignment sale.

    If you do not receive a positive or negative reply as to the message sent, please contact our head office for verification. Delays or missed messages may be due to the high volume of enquiries received as well as the lack of the required telephone number.

    When placing goods on consignment sale through our company, please read the Terms and Conditions carefully in order to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

    Rules of procedure - download