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Used machinery for sale

Our speciality is the sale of used machinery. Our many years of experience and the high quality of our services mean that the number of our satisfied customers is constantly growing. We export machines to almost every country in the world.

Used machinery purchase

We handle the entire process of buying used metalworking machines, both conventional and CNC, from visual inspection and valuation through to disassembly and transport.

Industrial moving

We have a qualified workforce, appropriate technical and technological facilities, which is why we are able to moving any equipment, machines and entire production facilities at home and abroad.

New machines

We offer new metal machine tools including cnc vertical centres, machining centres, cnc lathes and cnc milling machines. All the machines we offer are characterised by excellent quality, robustness and high performance.



ZPHU Blachmix was founded on 20 May 1998 and carries out diversified activities that can be divided into the following areas:

Specialized relocation services for machines, production lines, industrial plants as well as trade in new and used metalworking machines.


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